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Due to personal circumstances I am taking a sabbatical.

I expect to continue the live radio show at some point in the future.

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Talk Radio

The Sacred Radio Show is Podcast-Talk-Radio Show, broadcasted through my very excentric and dear friend Willem de Ridder’s internet radio station, Ridder Radio (


I am not a professional journalist or interviewer, but I love listening to stories and having a conversation with a friend. 


Rather than bombarding you (as my guest) with all kinds of questions, I offer you a platform to tell the story of wat ticks you off, obsesses you or what you truly love.

Ridder Radio broadcasts via a private server which gives us high sound quality. There are no annoying jingles, commercials, protocols or complicated ethics. We broadcast live on a weekly basis. Listeners are welcome to join us with comments and questions through the web chat. Podcasts are available through this website.





Your Story

Like most of us, you probably have a story to tell. A story of what drives or motivates you, what happened to you, what you learned or unlearned, what worries, scares and delights you, your message to the world, your accomplishments and failures, how you see your past, present or future, how you see yourself and the world around you.


Internet Overload

We live in a world of digital information. The internet provides us with everything we want to know, whether it’s true or false. Even if we’re not looking for information, we only have to turn on our computers, tablets or smart phones to be bombarded from all directions.



There’s a big difference between reading and listening.

When we read, we are in analytical mode, and when we listen, we are in story mode.


Studies have shown that people are more open to new ideas when they are in story mode. It helps slow down the mind and assimilate what is being heard. Listening to a story can have a deep impact on how we (de-) construct knowledge and self image. Stories have the power to reach deep within, where “teachings” and “rules” have no access.


This is why Talk-Radio Rocks!

Sloppy Reading
Due to continuous onscreen reading, we became sloppy readers. The amount of written information is so staggering that most of us have learned to skip words, sentences, paragraphs, and even entire pages.  Sometimes missing the point completely (at least in my own case).


Just imagine how many miles you have scrolled by now!



In an ideal world, more knowledge leads to more wisdom. But the opposite has proven to be true. These days it’s embarrassing to come across as uninformed. So we impatiently Google stuff, forming hasty opinions based on fragmented pieces of information, shallow impressions and haphazard reading.


Your story may inform and inspire others. It may help them release painful memories, evolve and grow. It may help them transform their own history and transcend it. That’s the power of a story. That’s the power of Talk Radio.

Sharing your story about any topic you feel passionate about is a wonderful way to inform and inspire others. Sharing a bottled-up story that imprisons and enslaves you can help break the bonds.

All stories are welcome at Sacred Radio.


If you would like to join me sometime as my guest,

please let me know so we talk about it!



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